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Oh Jack, what have you done?

ART HISTORY MEME; 9 paintings:
Still Life with White Roses, Vincent van Gogh [4/9]

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I’m really lucky, cause I’ve found what I like to do really young. But that’s like, fairly rare..So, I would say, if you are lucky enough to figure that out ,just don’t hold back. Don’t  be afraid to make mistakes and stuff.

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Batman movie props & costumes at Comic-Con 2014.
I have more pictures here.

Okay. This is awkward, isn’t it?

You would think that Andrew Jackson was giving you his undivided attention, and then you would glance over and notice that he had devoted the last several minutes to making a laborious sketch of an alligator.

“Mr. President!” you would gasp, indignantly.

“I have a bullet lodged inside my body,” he would say. “From killing a man in a duel. A better man than you.” He would resume drawing the alligator.

-On Presidential Doodlers

Said alligator:


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31 July, 1980
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